Production System


  • Agriculture

    Intensive Production, Protecting the Environment

  • Cattle Breeding

    Agriculture - Cattle Breeding Integration

  • Industry

    Best Quality, minimal Environmental Impact

  • Dairy Production

    From Land to Consumer


  • Quality assurance from the sowing to the feeding trough.
  • Diets designed by local and foreign nutritionists.
  • FEED WATCH: Electronic systems to control the preparation and consumption of food.
  • State-of-the-art machinery for efficiently mixing and feeding the animals’ diet.
  • Control of food and diets using NIRS (Near-Infrared Spectroscopy).


  • Absolute traceability of the roundup from birth by means of electronic chips.
  • Completely protocolized health management of the different categories of animals.
  • Separate management of animals undergoing antibiotics treatments (separate corral and milking yard).
  • Specialized veterinarians (clinical practice, reproduction, prevention).
  • Individual electronic identification of each animal’s production history.


  • Feeding troughs and sleeping places for each of our cows (free stall system).
  • Low-mineral drinking water.
  • Sprinkling and ventilation with electronic temperature control.
  • Rubber flooring in the transit and eating areas.
  • Care from our staff for the welfare of the animals.
  • 24-hour access to fresh food.
  • Daily individual control of the production.


  • Estrus detection using podometry as a complement for visual detection.
  • Selection of the parents of our animals in the interest of powdered milk production.
  • Use of world-class bulls.
  • Use of sex-sorted semen in most of our heifers.
  • Embryo-transfer project through in-vitro fertilization techniques.
  • Use of genomes to select our oocyte donors for the embryo-transfer program.

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